We teach joyful classes where we build trust in ourselves and each other, meet new friends, and expand our world. Our classes and trainings are transformed by the ideas and perspectives of all participants, instructors, and community partners. People of diverse backgrounds come together to celebrate and re-discover the wisdom of movement through dance and weave it into daily life.

Alice says “It’s community, it’s health, it’s music–so it’s culture; it’s a great way to exercise and dance, and I know my balance has improved because of it!”

How Can Dance Help YOU Improve Balance?

Our Values:

  • Fun is a vital sign!
  • Movement is joyful
  • You don’t have to do it “right”
  • Identify and remove barriers to healthy movement
  • Accessibility in all realms (physical, financial, social, literacy, cultural, geographical, and more)
  • Flexible, person-centered curriculum and lesson planning
  • Self-agency, self-efficacy, self-confidence
  • Diversity of experience, thought, culture, race, age, gender, family
  • Adapt to include all present
  • Meet people where they are
  • Open source curriculum
  • Keep it simple
  • Creativity merged with science

Train with Us!

Dancer and new instructor Adela says, “Of course I love the dancing and how much fun it was. However, for me, learning more of the science was great.”

Personal trainer and new instructor Erin says, “I plan to use this in portions of my circuit training class at my local senior center and in classes at a local senior living facility.”

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