We enjoyed Guest Instructor Francis Medrano, who taught his Black Power Dance curriculum to the Madison Senior Center-sponsored Friday morning class at the Madison Central Library.

“Francis Medrano is an internationally-toured professional dancer, choreographer, entertainer, and creator & founder of Black Power Dance and Lundu Afrofit. His unique methods combine his afro-peruvian ancestral rhythms and his passion for fitness. Black Power Dance combines Latin rhythms such as salsa, bachata, cumbia, reggaeton and Peruvian folk rhythms. These are easy to learn sequences that work core muscles on the body. Lundú Afrofit is an aerobic dance system to exercise the soul, the body and the heart. It is inspired by Afro-Peruvian dance styles and music and other Afro Latin musical genres. Francis teaches classes bi-lingually in Spanish/English, and of course the universal language of dance!”