How You Can Help

What’s next for BB4B?

We need sustainable funding to keep this work going and growing. We are creating two reserve funds which will help offset costs for:

1) New instructors to allow them to access our trainings and take BB4B to their communities

2) Participants to offset class fees, increasing access to our fun and effective classes.

Help Us Reach More People!

We are ready to take our training on the road, helping more people learn to use our curriculum, and investing in joyful falls prevention and improved mobility right in a community.

We’d love to connect and collaborate with you! Invite us to speak or present at your next event, or to bring a training to your community! Contact us today.

Curriculum development:

In November 2023 we are introducing “Ballroom Basics for Balance™: Inclusive” – further tailoring our work to fit various populations and settings, such as those who use wheelchairs or those with developmental disabilities. We also plan to expand our lesson planning library to offer new instructors ready-made sessions so they can step onto the dance floor confidently and shine.

In 2024 we will begin to offer “BB4B’s Movement Starter Kit” for communities, organizations, and businesses that wish to implement fun and motivating movement for adults that focuses on balance, falls prevention, and postural control. We will provide resources to help begin it, and support along the way if needed! A little bit of joyful movement to music is better than none, and is the beginning of so much more!

Our hope is to help communities demonstrate need and desire for programs so they can continue to build more.

Donations may be made in two ways

via our fiscal sponsor, Center for Community Stewardship (C4CS):

  • Write a check, payable to “C4CS”, and mail to: C4CS, attn: BB4B, 116 North Few St., Suite 3, Madison, WI 53703.
  • Or Donate via Flipcause

Daryl says “They don’t require you to be perfect, which is good, because I never am! If it’s more fun, you are more likely to keep it up; if you are not having fun, you are going to quit.”

Thank you to our Community Partners