Eliane Gomes da Silva Borges a,b,c,*, Sama ́ria Ali Cader b,c,d, Rodrigo Gomes de Souza Vale b,c, Thales Henrique Pires Cruz b,c, Mauro Cezar de Gurgel de Alencar Carvalho b,c, Francisco Miguel Pinto b,c, Este ́lio H.M. Dantas b,c


In this study based out of Brazil, 39/75 individuals from three long-term institutions participated in a 50 min Ballroom Dance Program that incorporated rumba, swing, samba, and bolero and took place 3 times a week. The control group (36/75 individuals) maintained their normal daily activities. These individuals were evaluated using the Latin American Group for Maturity (GDLAM) protocol to assess functional autonomy and the stabiolometer to assess physical balance. The results of this study concluded the ballroom dance program led to an increase in the level of functional autonomy and in physical balance.

Year study was published: 2012

Mean age of participants in study: 77 years old

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